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Welcome to Book of Hook, a Web site I created to collate various reviews and articles that I've posted to different message boards, mailing lists or in private e-mails. Instead of relying on the persistence of mail boxes and forum software, I've opted to put this stuff under one (hopefully) stable umbrella. ((Edit: Site went stale for FOUR YEARS before I came back...holy crap))

If you're a programmer interested in software portability, I highly recommend the wonderful book Write Portable Code written by yours truly. There is a potential for bias in my recommendation, however. You may also want to take a peek at POSH, the portable open source harness that takes a lot of the evil out of writing portable software.

I also run a site devoted to the concerns of Gaming Mercenaries.


January 4, 2007

Added article on my martial arts opinions

December 23, 2006

Added Health Insurance and the Independent Contractor

October 6, 2006

Re-added article The Copy Protection Dilemma

August 12, 2006

Re-added article on isometric fixed point engines (a reader prodded me about it so I finally unassed myself to make the move).

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Discussion Forms

I'm not a big fan of the blog post + comments feature. If there's going to be a discussion, let's make it non-modal and allow for everyone to be on equal ground. In that spirit, I'm using Discussion forums for conversation.


Currently my articles are divided into the following categories:

About Me

Here's a brief blurb AboutMe for those curious, and if you're looking to hire me as remote contractor, you should visit the page of my consulting firm, Hooka Tooka. Or if you're just curious, check out MyResume. If you'd like to contact me, hit me up at brianhook@gmail.com, of course, you can post in the forums, which I read several times a day.

About This Site

The original Web site was created using CityDesk by Fog Creek Software, but due to its lack of updates, difficulty of use, non-portability, and inability to perform remote edits, I've switched to something a bit cheaper and friendlier, Trac wiki. A lot of older content has not been ported over, but if there's an article you were searching for and it's gone, just let me know and I'll move it over.

The Book of Hook logo was done by Darren Shaw of Shawdraw Inc.