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     1= About Me = 
     3My name is Brian Hook, and my professional career started in 1995 as employee #5 for now-defunct 3Dfx Interactive, where I was the first engineer hired and the original architect and implementor of the Glide API.  I left 3Dfx and did consulting for a year or two, working for companies such as [ NVidia] (demos), Trident Microsystems, and [ SGI] (Cosmo OpenGL).  In 1997 I got an offer to go work for [ id software], which I wisely accepted, contributing to Quake 2 and Quake 3.  After that tour I moved to San Diego where I worked at [ Sony Online Entertainment/Verant] for about a year and a half.  I then branched off to cofound a small games company, [ Pyrogon], with Rosie Cosgrove. 
     5I've since relocated to Atlanta, GA (burbs in West Cobb).  Right now I'm mostly hanging out and working on various experimental projects, however I am occasionally available for contract programming positions through [ Hooka Tooka].  Of course, if the right full-time position local was offered, I'd consider it -- check out MyResume if you're interested. 
     7I'm pretty burned out by the game industry overall.  Unlike some others, I'm not bitter or upset about it, but writing games stopped being fun when it went from a vehicle for creative expression to big business.  That's the way the industry has to evolve, but it's not fun for me, so I figure I'd rather work on little things on my own than be one cog in a big machine cranking out games every 18 months based on the latest big license. 
     9I'm the author of two books, Building a 3D Game Engine in C++ (now out of print) and [ Write Portable Code].  I have have written articles for various computer magazines including Game Developer, Dr. Dobb's Journal, and the now defunct PC Techniques, and lectured at the Game Developers Conference.