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    33My name is Brian Hook, and my professional career started in 1995 as employee #5 for now-defunct 3Dfx Interactive, where I was the first engineer hired and the original architect and implementor of the Glide API.  I left 3Dfx and did consulting for a year or two, working for companies such as [ NVidia] (demos), Trident Microsystems, and [ SGI] (Cosmo OpenGL).  In 1997 I got an offer to go work for [ id software], which I wisely accepted, contributing to Quake 2 and Quake 3.  After that tour I moved to San Diego where I worked at [ Sony Online Entertainment/Verant] for about a year and a half.  I then branched off to cofound a small games company, [ Pyrogon], with Rosie Cosgrove. 
    5 I've since relocated to Atlanta, GA (burbs in West Cobb).  Right now I'm mostly hanging out and working on various experimental projects, however I am occasionally available for contract programming positions through [ Hooka Tooka].  Of course, if the right full-time position local was offered, I'd consider it -- check out MyResume if you're interested. 
    7 I'm pretty burned out by the game industry overall.  Unlike some others, I'm not bitter or upset about it, but writing games stopped being fun when it went from a vehicle for creative expression to big business.  That's the way the industry has to evolve, but it's not fun for me, so I figure I'd rather work on little things on my own than be one cog in a big machine cranking out games every 18 months based on the latest big license. 
     5After that I moved to Atlanta, took a few years off, started (and shut down) a contracting business, decided to become a manager at 3D Realms, and then when that shut down, went back to being an engineer at [ RAD Game Tools] where I'm the lead developer on [ Telemetry]. 
    97I'm the author of two books, Building a 3D Game Engine in C++ (now out of print) and [ Write Portable Code].  I have have written articles for various computer magazines including Game Developer, Dr. Dobb's Journal, and the now defunct PC Techniques, and lectured at the Game Developers Conference.