Reason 3.0 Cheat Sheet

I can never seem to find a decent keyboard shortcut list for Reason. The ones I've seen are multiple pages long, so I figured I'd just make one that can be stuck in a browser window that's easy enough for me to find. I'm pretty disappointed that the number of keyboard shortcuts are so limited. I'm only listing the shortcuts that I would commonly use.

C-bBrowse patches
C-1 Select/show rack
C-2 Select/show sequencer
C-click fader/slider reset to default value
Shift-TAB Toggle arrange/edit view
Alt Toggle current edit tool w/ Pencil
Ctrl-Click Set L position
Alt-Click Set R position
Shift-Click Set E position
Shift-mwheel Scroll sequencer left/right
Ctrl-mwheel Zoom sequencer vertical
Shift-Ctrl-mwheel Zoom sequencer horizontal
Numpad-* Record
Ctrl-Return Record
Numpad-1 Loop start
Numpad-2 Loop end
Numpad-7 Previous bar
Numpad-8 Next bar