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Web Design and Development

These are just random notes for myself, nothing of particular value if you've stumbled upon this =)

Establishing Requirements

Before starting any work, you have to ascertain exactly what the client is looking for. The reality is that many clients have no idea what kind of site or Web application they want or need, and in fact what they think they need may be completely different from what they really need. For example, a client might be enamored with Flash sites, but may their requirements may dictate low bandwidth, high compatibility, and search-engine friendliness -- features that are very un-Flash.

So with that in mind:

  • What is the general style of the page? Business, fun, personal, informative?
  • Who is the client's target market, and what kind of computer and Internet connection will be assumed?
  • Does the client require dynamic page generation? If so, do they have a preference for PHP, Perl, Python, ASP, ASP.Net, etc.? Is this requirement a hard requirement?
  • Does the client have servers/hosting already setup? If not, do they have a preference?
  • Does the client already have logos, copy, and other materials available?
  • Does the client have examples of Web sites that appeal to them in terms of look, feel, structure?